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Over 50 Years of Excellence in Stained Glass Craft and Conservation

Stained Glass History

X. Barral i Altet, Stained Glass Masterpieces of the Modern Era, London 2006

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Stained Glass Conservation

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Conservation Guidelines

Burra Charter, The ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance, Burra, 2013 (available to read here)

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ICON, The Institute of Conservation's Code of Conduct, London, 2014 (available to read here)

SPAB, The SPAB Manifesto, 1877 (available to read here

Venice Charter, International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites, Venice, 1964 (available to read here)


Stained Glass Techniques

C. R. Dodwell, Theophilus: De Diversis Artibus, London, 1961, 1986

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Stained Glass in York

G. Benson, The Ancient Painted Glass Windows in the Minster Churches of the City of York, Yorkshire Philosophical Society Annual Report for 1914, York, 1915

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S. Brown, 'Our Magnificent Fabrick', York Minster: An Architectural History 1220-1500, Swindon, 2003

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S. Brown, A Stained Glass Walk Around York Minster, York, 2014 (available to read here)

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J. Rickers, 'Glazier and Illuminator: The Apocalypse Cycle in the East Window of York Minster and its Sources', Journal of Stained Glass, 19 (3), 1994-95, pp. 269-75

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